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6000 Series Insulated Siding

6000 Series Insulated Siding
in Springdale, AR and Fort Smith, AR

Imagine that you could keep every corner of your home at the perfect temperature year-round. And yet save money. That’s the reality with our 6000 Series Insulated Siding.
The 6000 Series is designed with an R-value of 5.0 on clapboard and 5.3 on dutch lap. That’s five times the energy efficiency of ordinary siding. You can immediately see why. The insulation is 1.5″ thick and wraps your home in an unbroken blanket thanks to its exclusive features. Yet the siding breathes freely to resist water retention. With a Perm Rating of 5, our 6000 series is designed to allow moisture vapor to escape. The siding works as a vapor breather, not a vapor barrier.

Unsurpassed Insulation

Home is where your values are realized, not compromised. The uncompromising approach of our engineers and designers means our 6000 series is a realization of your values, from any perspective. From flawless appearance and unsurpassed insulation that can increase the value of your home, to true maintenance freedom, reduced energy bills and a worry-free warranty that complements your lifestyle, our siding is the embodiment of what you value.

Maintenance Free

The 6000 series is a statement of conscience. Engineered to be truly maintenance free, our siding will never require painting, sealing, staining, cleaning, or treating with chemicals that can be toxic or harmful. Over the life of a home, treating and maintaining traditional wood siding with these products can have a cumulative and potentially harmful impact on your family and the environment that you may not be conscious of. And because our 6000 series is made of synthetic and reusable resources, you are not contributing to the depletion of our forest ecosystems.

Cape Cod Gray 6000 Series
 Insulated Siding

Tuscan Clay 6000 Series
 Insulated Siding

double hung windows

True Form

Traditional vinyl siding is no match for the 6000 series insulated siding system. The 6000 series provides unsurpassed protection against energy loss and the distortion and fading caused by extreme weather. This system bonds an inner core of high-density insulation with a durable and beautiful outer layer – creating an integrated system that delivers remarkable strength and performance. The result: your installer can achieve a uniform outer layer with a beautiful finish that holds true.

True Course

Quality from a different perspective. The 6000 series is designed to look just like single, hand-installed boards. Even from the bottom up.

Bow Windows Expand The LIving Space

Rigid Lock

The exclusive RigidLock with tongue-and-groove design means the 6000 series stacks firmly and locks in place with a tight connection & a satisfying “snap” that ensures a secure installation & reduced energy gaps.

Casement Windows

True Wood Look

Quality from a different perspective. The 6000 series is designed to look just like single, hand-installed boards. Even from the bottom up.

Casement Windows

Mono Wall Integrity

Intrinsic strength is the hallmark of the Mono Wall Integrity feature. Combining secure locking and panel rigidity, the 6000 series creates a veritable wall of its own.
Traditional Cornerpost
2-Piece J-Channel
3-Piece Cornerpost
Multiple Siding Profiles

How much could you be saving on your energy bills?

Homeowners across the country are discovering that they can save on energy costs when they specify the 6000 series instead of ordinary siding.

To calculate your potential energy savings, go to and use the online Energy Savings Calculator. You will quickly see how much money you could be saving on your annual energy bills with the 6000 series.

When correctly installed, with insulating foam underlayment from Progressive Foam Technologies, can help meet the performance guidelines of an ENERGY STAR-qualified new home.

Extended Length

More panels, less seams. 39% longer than a standard 12′ panel, the 16’8″ Extended Length panel design provides fewer installation overlaps for a straighter, cleaner exterior appearance.

Accessories to help express yourself

The 6000 series trim and accessories are painstakingly designed and manufactured to complement the color and style of your siding. Many have insulation inside to add rigidity, improve impact resistance and to complete the virtually uninterrupted insulation of the 6000 series. The array of choices you will find in this collection can enhance a mansion, a suburban colonial, or a vintage cape.


Trimworks® accessories are made with the same quality and attention to detail. Many trims and accessories are insulated inside to make the energy efficiency and durability of your siding complete. For example, our beaded and fluted corner posts feature insulated backing inside to add rigidity, insulation, and 300% greater impact resistance. Small animals, birds, and insects can’t nest in these corners. Plus, soffit, trim, accessories, rainware, gutter coil, fascia and trim coil are matched to your siding, thanks to the ColorConnect® Color Matching System.

Warranty and Quality

ComfortWorld’s Reinforced Soffit has peace of mind built right in, proudly offering the strongest warranty in the industry. The siding and accessories are backed by lifetime limited warranties:
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty with transferable provisions
  • Lifetime Limited Fade Protection
  • Warranted against damage from hail
As a consumer, you see the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Classified logo on everyday consumer products, designating that those products have been strenuously tested to ensure they are safe for everyday use. Underwriters Laboratories applies these same safety considerations to manufacturers of building materials such as Window World. Window World’s manufacturers voluntarily submit to UL yearly testing and quarterly inspections to assure that ComfortWorld’s Reinforced Soffit is UL Classified and meets the ASTM E84 Standard.
The Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) sponsors independent, unbiased testing and certification programs to verify the consistent performance of siding products. ComfortWorld products meets or exceeds a rigorous battery of tests required by the vinyl siding industry’s well-known quality standard, ASTM D3679. This ensures the long-term viability of your siding.
ComfortWorld’s Reinforced Soffit is one of the siding systems certified under VSI’s new color retention standard, ASTM D6864. To earn this special color certification, ComfortWorld products were subjected to an additional round of grueling weather and time tests to ensure its colors meet or exceed retention requirements, and resist major changes in a variety of climates.

With VSI’s third-party testing and inspection processes, you’re assured your ComfortWorld siding, installed as specified, meets or exceeds the industry’s toughest quality standards, with vibrant style and value engineered to last.
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